Myth Kids: Megan Picture

I am currently taking classes at the Animation Academy in Burbank, CA. This is part of what I developed during my first session there. This style is a new direction for my art, something that I have been curious about exploring for a while now.

Megan is one of three kid characters I designed for an idea I had where young mythical monsters would travel around, meeting other young monsters from various mythologies around the world. The initial group, Megan Russ and Ken, are all based on Greek mythos.

Megan is a young, outgoing gorgon. She isn't prone to go looking for trouble, but she is always ready to jump into adventure.

On top, I have a full body rotation of the character. Underneath that, expressions (tell me if it's clear what they are). On the bottom I have some development sketches showing different looks that I went through while trying to figure out what she looked like.
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