Medusa End Picture

This was for my Illustration class. The assignment was to create a tryptic for an assigned story showing the beginning, middle, and end. I got the story of Medusa.

This is my end piece. In the version I chose (there are many variations) Not long after Medusa was changed Perseus, attempting to rescue his mother Danae from the coercive King Polydectes, embarked on the dangerous venture of retrieving Medusa's head. With the help of Athena and Hermes - magic winged sandals, a helmet, a pouch and a mirror-like shield, he fought her and beheaded her by viewing her image in the mirror of his shield rather than looking at her directly.

Perseus had just arrived to Medusa's location in this scene. Medusa hasn't noticed him yet. This was created using watercolor and brown ink.

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