Medusa I Picture

Ah, these drawings are actually two years old. We had a school project where the theme was ‘human and animal’, and we should make three A3-drawings. I made this. This was the very first school project we had, and soon I was known in class as ‘the macabre girl’. This was backed up by almost all my following art-projects.

Now, when we’re making portfolios at school, I wanted to add them. Turns out my school – that teaches art – have no way of properly scanning A3-drawings. I had to scan it in a printer, and it became a too bright file with no greyscale between the black and with pixels. And that was the best I could do. But I managed to edit it a bit in Photoshop, and redrawn the red. So it looks cool now.

I | II | III

This was the hardest one to draw, and even when I finished, I wasn't completely satisfied. But I wanted to put it up the complete series.
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