Persius Picture

Another CRAPPY scanning job.
The picture looks alot better in person I think. The scanner increases the contrast and makes all the slight colour changes very noticable (like in the background)

But anyways, with that said, here is part 1/3 of my final grade 11 art project. A drawing of the Persius statue.(Dont remember who made it off the top of my head)

Right when I saw this image I was like, I'm doing that definatly. Not only does it have a decapitated head of Medusa, but it has a Penis and I can draw it for school and not get in trouble., hahahah

But in the end, I'm abit disapoint with it. Mostly it's that god damn background. I was very close to not adding it in, but NO, i had to go ahead and ruin it with the stupid background. Ugh.

Anyways, thats all I can think of saying about this. So here it is. In it's naked, gorey glory


Thanks to some help from
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