Seeker's weapon Picture

A male teenager who started to see strange creatures that appears on the streets of every cities in the world. Creatures that was described as it they were from Greek mythology legend stories. Such as the Griffin, Kraken, Medusa, Cyclops and other Greek creatures. The teenager's father who was a weapon smith and a weapon designer for the US Department of Defense. A strange mysterious man appear by the boy, told the boy that he was the one who can only kill all of the Mythology creatures. The father thought the man was a lunatic not until the boy first encounter with Chimera, a mythology lion. The father spend all of his budget on making a weapon just the perfect size for the boy and other budgets on the US Department of Defense to allow the boy to get extra help with from the Military. He named himself, the seeker because he seeks for the creatures and kill them with no mercy at all. The Government have to clean up the messes that he seeker have caused on the streets of the cities and location where the fight have happened. The seeker named his new assault rifle, the hunter.
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