Uncomfortable Complexities Picture

A person's race or birth or written fate do not mean actions made, for behold the paradox sisters; The Goodness bathed in Blood, and the Evil that Good betrayed

Welp, I finally figured out how the 'Good' God's hair works...kinda.

She isn't like Medusa, her hair isn't alive, but gravity doesn't bind her unless she wants it to. She is a deity. She floats a good distance off the ground at all times, and her hair and dress bob around like a jellyfish. Drawing all her hair loose was too hard, so I pinned some back. She's kinda has constant underwater physics, which it kinda funny because her sister, the 'Evil' God, is always drippy. That may or may not be a metaphor.

These two are the major deities in my own personal mythology, created for a sort of paracosm I'm forming. I'll explain this better later, but for now I'll tell you the one on the left (red crown) is the Eldest and the one on the right (head wound) is The Youngest.

The Eldest is the blood-bathed 'Good' and the Youngest is the betrayed 'Evil'. The objects their holding are symbolic but won't make sense until I post the whole story.

Is anyone interested in hearing the story behind these characters?

First: [link]

Art and characters belong to me.
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