Roman God of Lust Picture

Pit, aka Kid Icarus to those who don't know his actual name and think the name of his game is actually his name and are probably the same people that think Samus's name is Metroid and Link's name is Zelda which makes no sense because Zelda is a girl's name and... okay, I totally lost track of what I was talking about.

*cough* Anywho, as I was trying to say, Pit is the protagonist of the Kid Icarus games (only two have ever been made and I'll admit I never played the second one but the first one rocks).

His name might sound strange at first, but it comes from Cupid. In Japanese, the letter for "to" and the letter for "do" are almost exactly the same. So, his name, spelled in Japanese, is Pitto, which, with Japanese letters, looks almost exactly the same as Piddo. And Cupid spelled in Japanese letters is Kyupiddo. Trust me, it makes more sense if you have a knowledge of Kana.

So, ya, I know that's a little bit of a long-winded explanation, but in short, Pit is named after Cupid, who also happens to be the Roman God of Lust. Now, pretty much everything about the game Kid Icarus is very much centered around Greek Mythology. It would probably, then, make more sense to have named Pit after Eros, the Greek God of Lust, rather than Cupid. But, on the other hand, Cupid is more well known and, despite being the Roman God of Lust, not many people associate Cupid with one of the seven deadly sins.
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