Medusa Picture

Um, it's in Macabre and Horror because that's what Medusa is supposed to be... But I can't say I'm terrified when I look at this manipulation. Maybe because I've been staring at it for so long while making it, but I dunno. Any thoughts?

It's my photography collage project. Made in Photoshop CS2. Taking photographs and splicing them together and whatnot >.> Um... yea.

Got lazy with the faces in the background. They're supposed to look like they were turned to stone. They don't do they?

Once again, it's too dark. But the school computers suck. So it looks like this on my screen and at school its pitch black. When I edit it in school and open it at home, it's way too light. I don't know what's good and what's not anymore D:

Full view please.

Not much else to say ._.
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