LOVE the hair, dahling... Picture

Ahem. Medusa, origianlly the beautiful mortal daughter of the sea-god Phorcys amd Ceto. She offended Athene because she was seduced by Poseidon in one of Athene's temples, and was turned her into a hideous monster. Which is fair enough I suppose, if I was a goddess I wouldn't want no mortal 'doing the dirty' in MY sacred temple. *coughs* And I quote from a lovely site ~Idgit showed me: "Originally, Medusa was depicted as a horse with wings, then a woman with equine hindquarters and wings on her hair. At a later date, portraits of her reveals that her teeth were transformed into the tusks of a wild boar, her black tongue protuded and became too large for her mouth, her hands became brazen claws and her wings were changed into serpents." </endquote> It was said the shock of her appearance turned people to stone. Was also referred to as the Gorgon or the Mistress of the West Gate of Death.

I always felt kinda sorry for Medusa though, because it wasn't like she MEANT to be seduced. And THEN Perseus just goes and chops her head off. Sheesh. What a life.

Ah, refs for her snake hair was used. A part of a big influx of mythology fan art I plan to be submitting.

Whew, long comment. C&C appreciated.^^
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