Medusa Lemenias Picture

This is my current character in Skyrim, and just wearing this armor to pay tribute to the modder.

Typically my character prefers leather/cloth or no clothes at all lol.

My whole concept for the character was similar to the mythology. My twist is instead of turning men to "stone", she just entrances them with her beauty and magic. Just like the myth she uses a bow, and silent as a snake.

Kept the green theme because I love green, and it fits being a snake like woman. Though this characters race is a High elf aka Altmer by Skyrim lore. Wasn't a fan of the golden Altmer skin, so I kept it natural.

So she's going to specialize in stealth, illusion, archery, light armor, and destruction magic. Your wondering why destruction magic? Cause its epic to use when your mad...or when special matchlock pistols require it for better use
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