MedusaAndTheWondersOfTheModernWorld Picture

Medusa & The Wonders of the Modern World

i wanna make a webcomic!

(yes its gonna be called that, its meant to sound stupid)

what's it about?

its about an everyday normal guy (geeky like us) who meets various mythological figures and is affected by them throughout everyday life... think, say, love-ru meets edith hamilton... or if you dont know who she is, love-ru meets illiad/three kingdoms/ramayana/gilgamesh/bible/and all the other crap i havent thought of yet.

i dont know if its gonna work, so im postin this and asking for your feedback, like if you think its gonna work, gonna fail, or gonna cost me a trip to hell as punishment for creating unreadable content.

Send me a note or comment on my page or something if you think its good/bad/undoable/fkn retarded.

and i swear i will take all input as constructive, and though i may not reply to (and possibly curse the poster to eternity in hell) negative comments.

trolls welcome, because this is the internet
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