FateStay night - Servant Rider Picture

And next in the series of Fate/Stay night pieces...Servant Rider! AKA...Well, think about just who had the most sinuous hair in Greek mythology. Like. Literally 'sinuous'! ^___- (For those still having trouble, her name begins with M.)

Naturally with hair like that I think she's the most beautiful female character in the anime/game, and it was irritating to draw! (And colour...ugh. Hair.) Not my favourite since I'm partial to the guys, but...! Poor Rider, she had to put up with a terrible 'Master'.

"I wanna have the same last dream again,
the one where I wake up and I'm alive.
Just as the four walls close me within,
my eyes are opened up with pure sunlight.
I'm the first to know,
my dearest friends,
even if your hope has burned with time,
anything that's dead shall be re-grown,
and your vicious pain, your warning sign,
you will be fine."

Angels and Airways - "The Adventure"

Lineart: Mechanical pencil
Coloured: PS 7.0
Rider & Fate/stay night (C) TYPE-MOON
Artwork (C) Tomuyu
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