Total Clash of the Titans WIP Picture


Thanks to feedback from *TDI-Exile and a few things I wanted to clean up from last night I've created a newer version:
-Fixed Courtney's neck
-Fixed Courntey's shoulder
-Changed Court's eyes
-Changed the position of the arrows
-Changed Izzy's bow
-Added an arrow in Izzy's hand to convey a sense of scale


Ok, I've had this idea since... April?

Anyways, this guy here: *generationm started a surprise art jam that mixes mythology with cartoons and darn it his first damn sketch was Medusa.

SO! I have challenged him, in a race, to see who can get what done but honestly, I think we're both gonna win.

I've decided to stop here because I want the colour and texture to be just right at it's almost 01:30 so... I will for sure start making mistakes (if I haven't already)
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