Medusa adopts a pet Picture

Everybody wants a pet unicorn. There just aren't enough to go around. So most people would go home with a jackalope, or a hellhound, or even the occasional werewolf. But nobody at the shelter ever suggested they even LOOK at the catoblepas. It was just too dangerous and ugly. Clearly he'd live out his days at the mythical pet shelter, alone and unloved...

But it turns out there's a perfect pet for every one and a perfect owner for every pet...

The catoblepas is a monster from Greek mythology that's supposedly found in the wilds of Ethiopia. It has the head of a boar, the body of buffalo, and scales across its back. It's similar to Medusa in that it can turn someone to stone by looking at them, while Medusa turns people to stone by being looked at. (or its breath can kill you, as it feeds on poisonous plants) Therefore a catoblepas makes a perfectly fine pet for Medusa since neither is going to lock eyes with each other. Much better choice than a poodle.

Original for sale here:

acrylic and colored pencil on bristol. 7X10 inches. (18X25 CM)
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