the amphisbaena Picture


Ugh.. shading on this could have been better. I outlined/shaded this pretty much in the dark so forgive the errors 8|

Not much to say about the Amphisbaena. Like the Erinyes, the Amphisbaena was created from a drop of blood.. but this time from Medusa's head. I had conflicting descriptions of how it looked, so I just drew what I thought it would look like. XD
There are several really neat things about the Amphisbaena. Like its CORPSE EATING ability. And it can regenerate. And its venomous. And it ROLLS by biting its faces. LIKE A HULA HOOP.
Very cool. That's what.
But yeah. Just another awesome Greek creature that your schools have failed to even tell you about.

[edit desc] Oh yea, don't mention the unnatural looking wings. I wasn't really going for "natural wings" or anatomically correct wings for that matter. Plus I sketched this out at like 5 am. GIVE ME A BREAK 8(

.05 mech pencil, agaaaain
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox
lol so behind

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