medusa Picture

…wisdom that terrifies
Medusa, the quintessential monster of Greek mythology, was originally a much loved Goddess. Her name comes from the Greek word “metis” (similar to the Sanskrit “medha”) meaning “wisdom.” Her worship is thought to have originated in Northern Africa and been imported into early Greek culture. She was black-skinned, wore wild, matted hair (with, of course, stood naked, wide-eyed, and embodied the mystery of woman, the wisdom of the night. Medusa is, in effect, a Mediterranean version of the Hindu Goddess Kali. Later in history eventually subsumed into the safer, patriarchal worship of Athena, who carries Medusa’s head upon her shield.
What is the wisdom that terrifies? Why the snakes? Why the petrifying open-eyed stare? And how does such a bringer of terrible wisdom feel about being rejected by her children?
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