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Blind and guilt-ridden for not able to help his secret crush, Percy Melville was brought to the countryside with his mother to live with her boyfriend for a fresh start. However, what only awaits him was ostracizing by both peers and his mother's boyfriend, Paul. What he didn't expect was a friendship with a mysterious young girl...who is not what she seemed.


My take on the mythology of Perseus and Medusa. Since the media mostly portrays certain individuals such as the famous Gorgon sisters as the villains and ignoring the fact that they're in a way victims (excluding Hercules: the animated series, the non-canonical prequel to the animated film, that has done a good job with Jennifer Love Hewitt as teen!Medusa), I decided to use my blending of modernism and mythology to create some sort of a coming of age/puppy love story of two young pre-teens.

Percy Melville

age: 12-13

Born out of wedlock, Percy never knew the identity of his father. He was considered a quiet young boy who kept mostly to himself and have a fascination with reptiles, mostly snakes in particular. He had a secret crush on his classmate, Andy, who is the only one who sympathized with him. Unfortunately, he witnessed her death by the hands of her mother in her moment of insanity. Blinded by the trauma, his mother thought that they should move to the countryside for a new start, not knowing that he would be considered an outcast and a burden.


age: 12 (?)

a mysterious young girl who lived on the outskirts of the town with her sisters, despite not mingling with the townsfolk and seemingly have no proper education, she has a vast insight of the world around her. For some odd reason, she has an aversion to the male gender, and prefers to have her hood up. Strangely enough, there are always a faint sound of snakes nearby...

Perseus and Medusa (c) Greco-Roman mythology
Percy and Medusa (c)
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