We are the Lamia Picture

"Rael, welcome, we are the Lamia of the pool..."

Gotta love that Genesis song, and lamias as well, ok, they're kinda deadly and stuff, but whatever...
In this case, it's actually more like a Medusa anyway...

But nevermind, the song "The Lamia" leads our hero Rael, the protagonist of the whole concept album's story, to a wide chamber in which he finds a wide pool filled with a nectar of astonishing scent. In this pool, there are three lamias waiting for him, to seduce, kill and eat him. But, "with the first drop of my blood in their vein, their faces are convulsed in mortal pain"
and so they die, leaving the confused Rael alone. The sweet scents turn bitter and he drifts away into the next scenery... It's so awesome^^

I've had this pic on my PC for many months now, always editing and editing, but I guess it's finally finished now...^^
Done with pen tablet and GIMP
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