Medusa - Ceephax Project Picture

First off:
This has been by far the longest, time conusming, awesome thing Ive had the pleasure of working on.
I would like to thank hill- [link] for doing her wings, dephunked [link] for use of his work radialexperienz v2, oni-ls [link] for letting me use his photography.

Medusa: a once beautiful woman who was turned into a monster in Grecian mythology. monster? well heres a brief description Id rather believe:

from Bulfinch's Mythology

Many later images of Medusa thwart our expectations of what she should look like. From the previous story, we are led to believe that she was a creature so hideous in appearance that her very glance could petrify the viewer. However, in works such as the Medusa Rondanini, Medusa has the face of a beautiful woman. It is only her expression of deep sorrow - and the intertwined snakes around her head - that hint that this is a representation of the monster of myth and legend. This manner of depiction reveals that Medusa was originally a lovely woman - it was her tragedy that she was foolish enough to compare herself to a goddess.

tech note: brushes by relique, model done in poser everything else100% photoshop
hair: even tho it doesnt end in snake heads, hope you still get the imagery.. and id also like to confess that in the beginning the hair was inspired by w00zy's [link]

whew...longest description ever
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