HS fantroll: Phiddy Medusa. Picture

Eeeeeyup, I fantroll'd.

It's obvious she's not 6 sweeps anymore :I.

Phiddy Medusa (punkyPoisonous), bowkind + poisonkind (she makes her own poisons with her Lusus' poison (note that when I talk of poison, I talk of the greek term of poison: poison can heal and/or harm) and uses it on her arrows, or when she infights she swallow a little bit of it and then she bites (she is immune to deadly poisons)). Her sign is an Ouroboros, symbol of the nature and cycle of life. She is really really shy and never get in physical contacts with anyone, except her moirail. Sometimes the solitude gets her and she become depressed and try to kill herself, fortunately, her moirail is always here. Like all trolls, she has troubles to sleep, but for her it's worse for some reasons. She hates following orders (like, really really loathe it). She really loves troll greek mythology, and she loves it more since she fell in love with a guy (I might do him later) on a greek mythology memo on Trollian. She hates her horns so she pierced them to make them look cool (it doesn't work much thought). Her Lusus is named Snikistre (lolz great pun snake + sinister) and he's a cobra with 3 golden rings pierced on his collar.

Why am I so lazy that I don't go see a tutorial on "how to use correctly Gimp or other shit like that to make DESCENT art"?
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