The Flirtation Picture

WIP sketch, ipad, sketchclub. in my opinion, Medusa really got the short end of the stick, what with being raped, cursed, and beheaded. i'd like to imagine a version where things turn out a little differently.

i never actually do sketches as a foundation for a painting, but am giving it a try--i have no idea what i'm doing. i haven't figured out the background at all, so the scribbles are just a placeholder. i don't know why she's wearing completely anachronistic armor, i don't know why i picked a peaceful olive tree as shield decoration, and i haven't worked out how to get around the nakedness without actually covering him up.

loosely-used reference photos were the july vogue brazil shoot, and a photo of tom hardy, because Perseus always seemed like such a square, and could benefit from some hardiness.

an (much much) older take on these two here: [link]

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