harpy Picture

I don't even know what made me start this.

Maybe it's that I get annoyed when mythological creatures like Medusa get portrayed as beautiful women when, in fact, mythology states that gorgons are horrifically ugly.

So, I thought I'd portray a harpy as I read them with as unglamorous and unembellished an appearance as possible.


I apologize if my posts seem a bit schizophrenic of late. I've gone from sketches of anime demons to comic heroines to the Vitruvian Man within a few weeks. My posts seem to come in waves with very long ebbs so when I do have ideas, I feel I really have to post them. Who knows if and when I'll have the time again.

Fortunately, I'm getting faster and faster at getting these ideas out, so when they do come, I'm able to just scribble them down and move on. This took about 2 hours.
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