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"Rose Resonance - A Soul By Any Other Name?"

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laik OMG its my first manga!! XDDD
had an idea for a fanfiction, but i had certain scenes in my head that i wanted to look a certain way. plus ive never done doujinshi before and i thought it would be fun! :3
ok i know its not that neat but im new at this, ok???
im expecting to do at least ten pages for this story.
ohmygawd, tell me if you liek!!!!1!1!!

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Soul Eater (c) Square Enix (OMGRLY?)
I invented the witch, though. I noticed that all the really powerful witches had names from women in greek mythology (Medusa, Arachne etc) so i chose the name Calypso, from the evil siren of the same name. Her magic is ocean/voodoo inspired. Think POTC 2: DMC.
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