Medusa's Gallery Picture

TITLE: Medusa's Gallery
YEAR: 2011
"She aranged them, her admirer's, in the galleries around the theatre, so that ever may they watch her perform upon the stage. Forever doomed to be her uncheering croud, ever unfeeling, ever vigilant, stauesque onlookers and wellwihers, such was the fate of all who sought an audiance with the gorgan."

Compiled in Poser 7 Pro on a Celeron single core 2.66ghz with 3.5gb ram. Rendered on an Intel Quad Core 2.66ghz with 4gb ram. Presented as rendered, no post processing aside from watermark. The look and style for Medusa was chosen as a tribute to Ray Harryhausen and his creature effects work in claymation.

CREDITS: Lamia & Medusa by Sixus1 Media, Centurion by Bobbie25, Earthwarden by Val3dArt & Lethat, Mirador by DM, Gorgon Hall by Redhouse Studios, Fantasy Ruins by PowerAge, Spanish Moss & Grasland Foliage & Terradome by Traveller, Temple Ruins & Hanging Moss & Jungle Vines by Daz3D
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