No way to break this spell Picture

Into temptation
Knowing full well, the Earth will rebel
Into your wide open arms
No way to break this spell
Break this spell
Don't tell

- Crowded House

I started this in 2011. One of those things that dragged on, and left, and went back to, and changed it, and it's now a completely different painting. I actually finished it a little while ago, but I've been such a busy little bee lately I keep forgetting to post stuff up on DA! I agonised over it for some reason, just hated it almost every step of the way, but now I'm pretty happy!

Oddly enough it began as a painting of Medusa while I was on a Greek mythology kick, but now it's ...some kind of sea witch? I dunno, you tell me. I'd love to know what you think! I'm sure there's some sort of symbolism in there somewhere...

P.S. Crowded House was awesome.

Technical Notes
Photoshop, as per usual!
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