Self portrait: Medusa Picture

Edit: Changed the image file for my original version. After I made it, I kinda panicked it was too dark and created a brighter version. Since getting my new screen though I realized that the original was far better. There's something to be said for the mystery that lies in darkness. If it is too dark for you, I apologize but the bright version was absolutely horrible. End Edit

I started this in 2008 I believe. One of those never finished works, gathering dust in the back of my unfinished projects folder.
I'd take it out every now and then, dust it off and tweak it a bit. Finally just up and finished it to get it out of there.

Yup, that's me under all that.
There were days in my life when I honestly wondered if that was how the world viewed me. Like somehow people just saw something horrific and wrong and to avoid at all costs.
Other days I'd be completely invisible.

Take a closer look at your local medusa. You may find, those aren't snakes at all, just locks of hair, caught in the wind. I promise you won't turn to stone if you look.


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