Medusa Beheaded Picture

I'm making a Medusa Comic Book. This is the spot Illustration for the inside cover to the saddest tale I've ever read in Greek Mythology. Medusa isn't this monster people think she is, she's just a victim of Evil Pompous Gods! Poseidon and Athena. the pages will be uploaded soon.
With it is this poem:
Beyond all others she
was famed for beauty, and the envious hope
of many suitors. Words would fail to tell
the glory of her hair, most wonderful
of all her charms--A friend declared to me
he saw its lovely splendour. Fame declares
the Sovereign of the Sea attained her love
in chaste Minerva's temple. While enraged
she turned her head away and held her shield
before her eyes. To punish that great crime
Minerva changed the Gorgon's splendid hair
to serpents horrible. And now to strike
her foes with fear, she wears upon her breast
those awful vipers--creatures of her rage.
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