Art Jam Entry-Jessie The Medusa Picture

For *BluebottleFlyer 's Monster Mash Art Jam.

In Greek Mythology, Medusa was a Gorgon who can turn anyone into stone if her victims stared at her eyes. Her spell could backfire by using a mirror to deflect her glaze back to her, turing Medusa into stone herself, or in movies like "Clash of The Titans" and games like "God of War", Medusa's head could be chopped off and can be used against other mythical monsters.

Since Jessie tends to enjoy reading Greek myths during her off time, I decided to turn her into Medusa. Being half human and half snake with snakes for hair, Jessie was a suitable choice to become a monster from literature. The snakes in her hair all have different personalities and two gags, one being that the fact that snakes sleep with their eyes open, and there is a Futurama reference with a barking snake.

Pic came out good, despite the challenge of drawing a snake's tail and drawing snakes instead of Jessie's long hair.

Cover your eyes!

Jessie Jetter and pic- (c) Urvy Jaramillo.
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