Medusa Picture

My final project for art class this year: my own interpretation of Medusa, the snake-haired woman from Greek mythology who turned everyone who laid eyes on her to stone with her ugliness and paralizing gaze... scary! I didn't like how most images of her made her look as a pretty woman, even though the legend clearly states that she's as ugly as they come, so I made her much more snake-like than usually done. Since she is the main snake-lady, I made her a king cobra, and represented her two often-forgotten sisters with the two snakes by her head, who sort of grew as her eyebrows.

The only limitation of the school project was, that it had to have something to do with light, and that it shouldn't be too cliche. I got a 10 (which is officially not even allowed, as 10's in art class are 'for God only' at my school), even though it's not completely finished. (you'll notice that most of the snakes are but white(-green) tubes, whereas they should all have black scales and more defined heads).

Appreciation is good, constructive criticism and tips are better.

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