Perseus, Pegasus, and Medusa Picture

At first this guy didn't know what he wanted. Then he started hinting at mythology and was wondering if we had any pegasus pictures. I said we didn't but I did have a medusa skull I've been dying to do. Wasn't interested.

We just sorta stood there staring at the walls when I remembered that Medusa and Pegasus were related. I told him how and he seemed pretty stoked when I suggested how we could throw Perseus in the mix. After lookiing at some online pictures of Perseus we decided to draw our own, tougher, Spartan looking version of him since other artists throughout history have him looking sorta frail. He left a deposit and I used some of it to buy an instructional book on drawing horses.

My boss said I should've just traced a horse from Google, and at first that's what I did. But later I decided that's not really what I got into this business for and it might, just might, be more rewarding to draw something from scratch out of my own head.

We finished this in one session after 4 hours and 15 minutes.
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