Agustina de Aragon Picture

Agustina de Aragón : [link] (in spanish)

"Known as "the Spanish Joan of Arc," she has been the subject of much folklore, mythology, and artwork, including sketches by Francisco de Goya and the poetry of Lord Byron."
This information belongs to F.M and E.M, from [link]
I copyed the explanation because my english is awful yet xD lol
For my friends Enrique Mendoza and Fernando Monzón, owners of their comic "Agustina". The design of my character is entirely based in this Agustina [link] from their comic.
This work will be on display in Zaragoza's Comic event.

Mixed media. Photoshop CS4

You can see the original sketch here:[link] This is how I start my works, the mixed media, included the digital painted ones and other like Agustina, leaving the max of the original pencil work. I love mix all them with real textures and other interesting stuff.
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