Medusa Poster Picture

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting anything or really been active a lot for a while, but this month has been pretty insane, I've been very busy with college and haven't had much time to take a break and relax.
With some luck things will get better sometime next week when my vacations start, but we'll see!

So uh... About this thing...
This was a college work, we had to create a new spin on a story from greek mythology throught the semester, and in the end we were asked to make a poster for it, with the main characters.
This started in the week I was out due to Dengue fever, so when I came back my group already had most of the story sorted out, it's really convoluted, weird, and I honestly really don't care about it, but I figured I'd post this thing here anyway, because I did waste my time drawing it, so why not
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