Medusa Picture

Had this floating around as a huge ploygon-mess on my hd for almost half a year. YAY for the Collect scene-inventory-script in Poser, I discovered just recently.
Actually, I would have liked to add more figures in various states of decay, but I couldn't get the mesh to erode the way, I wanted,. So, it's just the armour, that ages...^^
My main focus was, to create a scene, in which we see the figure of the Medusa in a position of absolute control and superiority. I tried to display her attitude of arrogance and self-confidence by placing her in a very composed and relaxed pose, which contradicts the agony, fear and terror of her multiple victims. As I said before, I would have liked to emphasize the temporal depth of her infamous existence, but I was only halfway successful there...
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