Sword of the Medusa Picture

Artejax stared ats his new passenger, and at the highly ornate weapon that was hanging at her hips. "Nice sword," he commented, just to broach the subject. "But do you know how to use it?"

"Nope!" replied the young noble, in her usual peppy way. "Never even touched it. Until now, it's jut been a decoration over Mother's mantle."

"Then, why bring it?"

"Because I'm going on an adventure! I can't go on an adventure without a sword! Besides, I thought you would have wanted me to be able to defend myself."

Artejax pursed his lips gave his passenger another look over. "I'm sure your more than capable of defending youself," he told the Medusa.

The girl winked in reply, and Artejax walked away shaking his head.

A Medusa princess (who can controll her stone-powers, and whose family has used those powers to set themselves up as royalty) prepares to leave home on a bronze-age mythological adventure! For which she may or may not be fully prepared for... But, that's why she's joining up with the crew of the veteran adventurer: Artejax!
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