Perseus and Medusa Picture

Yes, yes, I know Perseus is supposed to slay Medusa in Greek mythology, and yes, I know that her stare is supposed to turn you to stone. This is more just a "what if?"

So, Perseus goes to fight Medusa and finds out that she can't turn him to stone. Why's that?

Well, I'm about to tell you something that will be very surprising. It may shock you. For, you see ...

The Greek gods ...

They can be pretty big jerks. *audible gasp* I know, right?

Apparently, Medusa was made into a snake creature as punishment for being raped. Because that's totally her fault. So Perseus comes along, finds her, and discovers that everything that the Greek gods told him about her were lies. So, rather than slay her, he falls for her.

Let there be shipping!
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