Curse of Medusa Picture

I've always loved the myth of Medusa and I've seen several versions of it. One version said she was turned into the Gorgon because she thought the beauty of her hair comparable to that of goddesses, so her sin was vanity. I don't much care for that version of Medusa. The one I was always drawn to was where Medusa, being beautiful (mostly for her lovely hair), caught the attention of Poseidon, and thus he raped her in Athena's temple. Athena then punished Medusa by turning her into the Gorgon (of course you have to wonder how it was Medusa's fault she was raped). Anyway, I always felt that Medusa got the shit end of the stick, so she is absolutely my favorite mythological figure.

So, I wanted to show her transformation from beautiful young woman to snake-haired monstor. I absolutely love the first and third panels, but the second- the blend of the other two- turned out kind of... eh. Anyway, I hope you all love it.

Prismacolor pencils on bristol, then tweaked in photoshop
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