The Gorgon Medusa Picture

I have a flu right now, and being doped up on drugs to fight it has some odd side effects. During my more lucid moments, I really felt the urge to paint today, so I just started sketching randomly. I have no idea where this even came from, I just thought way later that her hair looked like snakes, and there we go.

So, this is my Gorgon. I wanted her to look kind of snarky yet serene, versus the horrific monster of legend. In my mind, there's a story about a lost love or something, where her beauty became a curse, turning men to stone. She's holding a mirror, because why not, edged with bell flowers and little red berries.

The original painting of this is rather small - I think 4"x6" or so, smaller than I usually work, but still rather nice for a quick piece. All done in watercolors, with pencil for the original lines which I decided to leave, because I thought they looked nice, but they stood out enough without needing it to be outlined with black ink - I was afraid it would make too thick of a line, and also, if I start shaking from the flu drugs, it would be heartbreaking to me ^^
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