Medusa's Blood Picture

...Pegasus was a beautiful, winged horse. He sprung from Medusa's blood when her head was chopped off by Perseus. Without a mother, Pegasus roamed free and wild.

While Pegasus was drinking from a well, Bellerophon managed to slip a golden bridle over him and capture the horse. The golden bridle had been a gift from the goddess Athena. Bellerophon tamed Pegasus and used the horse during his adventures.

Bellerophon made the foolish decision to try and fly Pegasus to Mount Olympus - heaven, according Greek mythology. Zeus quickly put a stop to this by throwing him from Pegasus. The hero survived the fall, but he was crippled. As for Pegasus, he made it into heaven where he spent his days carrying lightning bolts for Zeus. When the stars are out, you might be able to see the Pegasus' constellation, which was named after him...
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