Medusa Redux Picture

Whoo, I haven't put art up here for awhile... This picture was done December 2009, in markers, colored pencil, and pastel. The actual picture has a lot more clouds, but I felt I needed to crop them out for a halfway decent composition. :/

So... uhhh, story-update time. My senior year I signed up for AP Art again (I took it in 11th grade). My concentration was going to be something like reimagining mythological characters (this be Medusa). However, from July 2008-December 2008 I was super focusing on creating a figure drawing based portfolio for an exclusive art school program (CalArts Character Animation... I got in, too!) so AP Art wasn't really a priority. I ended up dropping out of the class in January, because I realized I didn't have enough material. I switched to AP Civics (got a 5 on the exam! despite a horrible, horrible teacher) for the second semester. I'll be attending the Savannah College of Art and Design this Fall, though, not CalArts (complicated decision). That's sorta the reason I'm starting to update dA again, hopefully I'll have a more steady flow of publishable (non-figure drawing) art from my time at art school.
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