Medusa Archer Aello Picture

You can thank a certain other artist fave of mine for inspiring this holiday pic.
Still on a bit of an Aello kick, I thought up a fitting Halloween costume for my leggy Amazon original character: a mythological Medusa 'outfit' (although a humanoid Medusa).

I figured that Aello's somewhat spiky hair translated well into a bunch of hair-snakes. ^^

As for the 'costume' itself, well, other than a few serpent-themed circlets, armlet and top-of-foot accessories...all Aello is 'wearing' are a pair of large snakes wrapped around her otherwise exposed body. Draped just right to cover up what they should, but fits Aello's sometimes wild theme with a risque twist.
Are the two snakes 'real'? She's not answering, just giving you a vile grin as she wears scales and tongues (but otherwise just shows a lot of skin) and brandishes a serpent-themed bow.

As an aside, her 'quiver' originally WAS the large snake head draped on her right shoulder (its mouth was open with the arrow plumes visible within) but it just kept coming out wrong, hence the quiver's now behind it.

Anyhow, think Aello picked out a creative (and hot) costume idea this year? She's probably waiting for a response of some sort.
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