Lover of Medusa Picture

Concept I came up with over my winter break - Medusa has always been one of my favorite characters in mythology and I always felt like she got the short end of the stick. It wasn't her fault she was pretty, well maybe the fact she bragged about it was, but still that was no reason for Athena to act that way and turn her into a gorgon! To the point, I figured after so many years of being a Gorgon that she'd have learned her lesson and still be lonely - everyone needs somebody to love! So I wrote a short short story to go with it.

One day while Medusa was sitting near the entrance of her home she heard the voice of a young man, not a teenager mind you, but someone still not quite in his 30's yet. She introduced herself as Medusa before he could enter the cave and as she expected he ran away. Medusa smirked at this, she was both comforted and upset at the same time. As much as she would have loved someone to talk to, she really already had too many statues of pretty men in her home. Medusa was suprised when the next day the man came back, staying at the entrance. Medusa was shocked when he called out her name and claimed he still wanted to talk. He loved the sound of her voice. So there they sat, day after day and talked about everything and nothing - the man on the outside of her cave and Medusa in the doorway hiding in the shadows. It was in this way that they fell in love, but it was never to be. Medusa couldnt' live with herself if she turned this one to stone, even if it would be by accident - so she told him to leave so he wouldn't be tempted to enter.

Medusa sat lonely in her cave again after the first three days her man had failed to return to her. She was happy for his safety but she missed him terribly. Her breath stopped when she felt someones arms find their way around her shoulders and felt a head fall into the side of her neck. She felt warm droplets stream down her shoulder and she turned to stare into empty eyes. "Hello, love." She heard him whisper and she broke down into tears. The man she loved had torn out his own eyes so he could stay with her without fear. She ran her hands over his cheeks and smudged the lines of blood that still ran down his face as if they had replaced his tears. He felt her face and smiled at the touch, despite the coarse texture of her skin, and gently kissed her cheek. "I don't need to see you to know that you're beautiful."
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