Zoo of monsters- Medusa Picture

HEYY!! what's this???? The continuation of the Monster Zoo??? Yes .3. So, here's another one of the girls, Cody, being the famous monster, MEDUSA *insert evil laugh here*

Doctor Monstrous: "And here we have one of our favorites and quite an oldie here, her name is Medusa and she comes from ancient Greek mythology. You may have noticed that she is wearing glasses. Do you know why? It's because her eyes turn anyone that looks directly into them into stone. Anyways, Medusa wasn't alwyas this ugly, she was once very beautiful. She only turned into this ugly thing because she had insulted the Goddess Athena by saying that she was jealous of her beauty. Athena was angered and punished her by turning her hair into living snakes and cursing her by making her turn anyone into stone just by looking at her, thus forever making her alone for all eternity. Well, let's move on shall we?"

Hope you liked the little discription ^^
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