Fata Medusa 2014 Picture

Opposed to the recent "Fata-Medusa" rendition which was more realistic, I got back to the initial approach - a more rough, sketchy look.

I found a new brush in Photoshop that allows for a very interesting technique, definitely will develop this further if time allows, the snakes were all done in one stroke, no 3d involved.

Reference used, model is tigersgirl

Older versions:
Medusa 2011 by fantasio, Oct 11, 2011 in Digital Art > Photomanipulation > Macabre & Horror" data-super-img="http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/289/2/7/fata_medusa_2011_by_fantasio-d4cjal5.jpg" data-super-width="600" data-super-height="902" data-super-transparent="false">
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