Belvedere Torso 3 Picture

Terracotta; the torso is about 8''/20cm high. Three days modelling, though I could really have done with more time.

This is the first study for my final year college project - I'm attempting a half size reconstruction of the Belvedere Torso in hard limestone. I'm going to model the missing buttocks on this figure, and also what I'm guessing is a missing lion's head on his right thigh. Next I'll make a silicone mold and make a few plaster casts so I can add his head, arms and legs, along with whatever he might have been holding. He's been identified as lots of different mythological figures so I'll try and do each of the main ones: Hercules, Ajax, Marsyas and maybe someone else. Then I'll choose one to carve and model it at half the size of the actual torso
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