The Shar Family, and Universe info Picture

- Tigera Rebecca Shar

-Sira Rose Squirrel-Shar

-Elizabeth Serena Shar

-Tigera: 24

-Sira: 22

-Elizabeth: 6

Dates of Birth:

-Tigera: October 23rd, 2010

-Sira: April 15th 2012

-Elizabeth: June 3rd, 2028


-Tigera: 5'11"

-Sira: 5'4"

-Elizabeth: 4'2"


-Tigera: 189 lbs

-Sira: 113 lbs

-Elizabeth: 60 lbs

The Shar family are from Woodlands, Arcturus V, in the Aurora Nebula. Tigera was born up in the outskirts of town, about an hour for Sawbank, a small rural town about 80 miles from Woodlands. Sira was born and raised in the Woodlands suburbs. Tigera moved to Woodlands at age 16, the legal adult age on Arcturus V. There she met Sira, who was still in school. The two became fast friends, and more times than not, Tigera bailed Sira out of trouble, something the snooping rodent got into all the time due to her natural curiosity. Tigera has a baby sister in Sawbank, who is age 10, Sira has an older brother, Sid, who owns a machine shop in Woodlands and is married with three kids. Sira and Tigera shortly after they got really close, so close that they were practically living in the same house together, that they had feelings for one another, intimate, feelings. Sira had known she never was romantically interested in boys, she always identified herself as a lesbian, something she didn't hide from anyone, and that held true when she developed a close, intimate bond with someone she considered her best friend. Tigera herself had always thought she only liked boys, just they were all intimidated by her. However, it turned out Tigera shared an interest in females that fateful night. The two ended up dating, and dating, for a few months, then Tigera, who had been training in martial arts, stopped on her way home and bought an engagement ring, and that night over dinner, she proposed to Sira, who happily agreed. The two were married in July the 12th, 2023, a year before they would end up having Elizabeth. Speaking of the birth, Tigera wouldn't want to be made pregnant by a male to have a child for her and Sira, and Sira didn't like guys, so, Sira volunteered to have some sperm inserted into her via injection, to make her pregnant, using samples of hers and Tigera's DNA, so their child would definitely come out resembling the parents. 6 months later, Elizabeth was born. Sira vowed to never, ever, ever, give birth again, after the immense pain she felt. Elizabeth grew up with her two mothers, always happy, smiling, and feminine. She never had any desires to wear anything besides skirts or dresses, but, that's what her mothers wore, especially Sira. Sira never, ever wore pants or shorts, she never wanted to. Tigera, on the other hand, due to the way Sira was raised, and her lifestyle, Tigera agreed to wear long skirts too, although shorter than Sira's, they were still longer than the knees. Tigera only wears shorts for training, and doesn't even own a pair of jeans, after marrying Sira anyway. One thing the family enjoys doing, which it is alright in their culture, and how Arcturus V works, Sira and Tigera will once a week, usually Friday nights or Saturdays, take Elizabeth to one of the bondage clubs in town, and the three of them will watch the more child-friendly shows, have dinner, and stuff. Tigera also dominates Sira, the latter only wearing her collar during playtime though, just so Elizabeth isn't exposed to that side of bondage play too often, she's still a child, so heavier stuff shouldn't be around her. Sira is just as happy free, as she is bound and gagged, in the house, cuddling her daughter, or Tigera, or doing housework, as she would be free, and more times than not she often indulges in this desire, at the very least having her wrists cuffed and a gag over her mouth.

Now for the universe itself. Woodlands is on the planet Arcturus V, in the Aurora Nebula, which is about a 5 hour space flight from Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. The setting is a sci-fi theme, with both Earth, and Arcturus V, having spacecraft going to and from the other galaxies along the galactic highway, basically a freeway for spacecraft. The Arcturean craft are more sleek in design, showing their superior technology, compared to the Earthlings, although both are primitive when compared to the Greys, and some of the other Ancient races like the Makers, and the Tyreans.

There are several different known races in the Universe:

The Earthlings/Milky Wayfarers: the youngest race in the galaxy, they've only been around for a couple thousand years. They occupy the Milky Way Galaxy, populating Earth, Mars, Neptune, and several moons. They're primarily humans, although they have a handful of Kenomimis (half-human, half animal.)

The Arctureans: a futuristic race of purely anthro animals. They tend to be stronger and more agile than humans, having heightened senses based on their species. Their primary planet it Arcturus V, a large Earth-like planet the size of Neptune, that is covered with cities and woods

The Typhons: cousins to the Arctureans, the Typhons are more primitive but are still capable of spaceflight, despite only having a couple of capital ships and shuttles. They live on Typhon Prime, a jungle planet a couple hours from Arcturus V. The difference between them and the Arctureans, is that they're digitigrade, while the Arctureans are Plantigrade, and the Typhon are more akin to ferals than humans, although they still have a clear hierarchy and language comprehension

The Makers: Revered as gods by the Arctureans, they are creatures from far space. They originally inhabited the Aurora Nebula, but were forced out and reside in Deep Space now. The best analog to them would be the Elder Scrolls Dwemer, honestly, although they're like a monkey/feline hybrid instead of dwarves, same concept though, way ahead of their time.

The Greys: One of the oldest races alongside the Makers. They were the Makers' Firstborn, and possess immense Psionic capabilities like their creators. Some of the high-ranking overminds are taller like humans, but most are short, not topping 4 feet tall.

The Tyreans: A lizardlike race from Deep Space, they are relatively young, but are a very powerful warmongering race. They tend to favor being pirates to honest traders.

I THINK that's it, that's all I can put that I can think of, I hope you all enjoy. I could write more probably, but I should be going to bed.

Arctureans, the Shar Family, Typhons, Makers, and Tyreans (c) me

Non-milky way planets and features (c) me

The Greys are based on the Grey alien mythology, so I can't fully claim ownership on them, however their hierarchy and relation to my universe IS (c) me.

Anything else that isn't a real thing (c) me.
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