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Anyhoo, yeah, some of my favorite bands of all time. If you should happen to like them, yay! If not, you may wish to begin running. I will find you.

So, from top left, they are:

PINK-MOTHEREFFIN'-FLOYD: My favorite band, as I'm sure I have no doubt pointed out a few dozen times. They are simply, and inarguably, awesome. Wish You Were Here is about as close to a perfect album as I have ever heard, Animals is cool as hell, and Echoes is among the most perfect songs ever. Beyond that, there really isn't much to be said.

DREAM THEATER: Hoo boy do I love these guys. Awesome instrumentals, great lyrics, and a kickass singer, they really have the complete package. Highly recommended is their album Scenes From a Memory, though they don't really have a "bad" album to their name. Some may be a little weaker than others, but on the whole they are just all around good.

PROCOL HARUM: One of the first bands I was introduced to, they have a very, very unique sound, almost directly between psychedelia and progressive. No one album can really be mentioned above another, but some cool songs would have to be Simple Sister, Skip Softly My Moonbeams, and The Wreck of the Hesperus.

THE KILLERS: About the only "Pop" band I like much, the Killers tend more toward Indie Rock than anything else. They tend to sound a bit samey, I'll admit, but that doesn't subtract much off their score. When something awesome is samey, that just just means the rest is awesome, right? MY personal favorite album is probably Hot Fuss, though Sam's Town is very good as well.

SYMPHONY X: Oh, where do I begin? They are about as close to an actual symphony as you can get while still retaining electric guitars. You get the sense that they were classically trained, but decided to stick with rock anyway. Their fantasy-themed lyrics, intense music, and fantastically hammy singing, you can't miss. Best album, in my opinion, would certainly be V: The New Mythology, with The Divine Wings of Tragedy running close second.

TEARS FOR FEARS: Lovely band, just plain lovely. Fine music, great singing, cool lyrics, just a nice, complete experience. Not much else to say, except I could just permanently listen to Head over Heels , Everybody Wants to Rule the World, and Ashes to Ashes, which is actually a cover of a song by...

DAVID BOWIE: Mm-mm, sexy man. And that's coming from a dude, for the record. A super-prolific singer, who's talent doesn't seem to have dropped much ever. It'd be impossible to pick out just a couple albums as representative, but the songs Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, Life on Mars, and Let's Dance should give you some idea of his range and awesomeness.

BLUE OYSTER CULT: A band I recently latched on to, and have quickly grown to love. They have a knack for having just a special, indefinable something about their songs that I love. That their lyrics are sheer poetry is no doubt a help-just listen to Don't Fear the Reaper, and you'll understand. Some other amazing songs would have to be Astronomy, Burning for You, and Lips in the Hills. (Yes you read that last one right.

STRATOVARIUS: A power-progressive-classical-badass band, with a metric buttload of albums to their names. They have a love of the keyboard that is both unmatched and completely justified. They have so many damn albums to choose from, but Dreamspace, In Finite, and Visions have to take the cake as far as they go.

And last but definitely not least:

KINGS X: Another very unique band, with a mix between heavy metallic songs and quiet little ballads-and not necessarily in different songs. Their singer can ham it up as though there's no tomorrow, and I love him all the more for it. When listening to them, Any of their first four or five albums are great. I really won't get any more specific than that, they really are just that awesome.

Extreme: a fast-paced, fun band with a political bent. Listen to: Three Sides to Every Story.
The Moody Blues: A soothing, calm band, with poetic lyrics and symphony-like music. Never really made a bad song, listen to anything.

And there's my...hell, that's probably fifty cents worth, all together. Again, hope you like my selections, or if you haven't heard them, you go and look them up.
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