Hoenn Faves. Picture

- Gardevoir. Lots of good things have been said about this one already so I don't need to tell you why this one made the list.
- the Mudkip family in particular Swampert. If it hasn't been made clear already I LOVE water types and always have, water types are my specialty in the Pokemon games and I am especially skilled at training them, take my Swampert for instance...my Swampert (a male Swampert named Limburger, after Lawrence Limburger from the 1993 cartoon Biker Mice From Mars) is in his early 70's in terms of his level and strength and he keeps getting stronger everyday, he's a prize-winner too - having won various contests in Sapphire.
- Duskull. A Pokemon based on the Grim Reaper? Awesome! Duskull is a very cool ghost type and the fact it's based on skulls and most importantly the Grim Reaper or rather the iconic depictions of the reaper as a skeletal being makes it even better. It's the kind of Pokemon Christopher Walken would have because well...Walken played the angel of death a couple of times including in the Madonna music video 'Bad Girl', an SNL skit that didn't quite make it (It's on Youtube, search for Christopher Walken SNL angel), as Gabriel in the Prophecy trilogy and yes as Morty in the Adam Sandler comedy 'Click' (Morty's name is a play on Mort which means death in Latin). I can see Walken with several ghost types actually, and a Meowth as well since well..Walken likes cats.
- Sharpedo. Its unevolved form Carvanha was already pretty awesome being based off a pirahna and all, but Sharpedo just takes it up a notch by being based on a shark. Speaking of aquatic Pokemon, yes...I do love Wailmer and Wailord as well.
- Mightyena. A hyena/wolf hybrid Pokemon? Now that's incredible..and awesome as well.
- Volbeat and Illumise. Of course I had to put a bug on here, so I thought why not both of the firefly Pokemon? Volbeat and Illumise are both very cute and friendly looking and have an old-timey theme in terms of their design with Volbeat taking after greasers of the 1950's and Illumise taking after flappers of the 1920's.
- Milotic. The George Clooney of the Pokemon world, and like Clooney - Milotic is extremely beautiful and very difficult to catch. Of course this little beauty's inspiration comes from sirens of mythology, anyone who has read their fair share of Greek mythology knows a siren is a seductive mermaid-like woman who lures innocent sailors to their doom with her singing as seen in the classic tale 'The Oddysey' (which the movie 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' takes its inspiration from as it's a retelling of the story set in the Great Depression).
- Jirachi. This is a Pokemon the late Robin Williams would have loved because it's all about spreading joy and happiness to others and also it's a wish-granting Pokemon that's a nod to not only the classic 'wishing on a star' method of making dreams come true but to also creatures like genies. You know, given that Robin loved video games...I have no doubt that he would have had one of those in his Pokemon team.
- Swellow. Another magnificent flying type.
- Kyogre. My second favorite Pokemon to use in Sapphire and my second most trusted, and for obvious reasons.

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