ShadeofShinon's contest : Ares and Aphrodite Picture

[Edited 16/05/14 : Added the other part of the helmet and some missing shadows]

Sooo here it is, my submission for ShadeofShinon's contest about myths and legends.

As a huge fan of Greek mythology, it was my first (and only) idea : GODSHIPPING ! I can't do this a lot, so here was the occasion. For those who aren't familiar with Greek gods and godesses, here's a bit of backstory for these 2.
Ares is the Greek god of War (also known as Mars in Roman mythology), great fighter, a bit arrogant and selfish, and only concerned about battles. The only exception is his wife (or her paramour, it depends), Aphrodite (Venus in Roman), goddess of love, purety and beauty. These two are the night and the day, and that's why I always found it really interesting.

I thought that Fenrir and Solveig (both ShadeofShinon's properties, while Mightyena and Altaria are Game Freak's properties) fit really well into these roles, as he's reckless and she's devoted. Seriously, I never liked these 2 Pokémon before this nuzlocke. Ares' usual Α (alpha, "A") was apparently scratched off by Fenrir, and replaced with Φ (phi, "F"), because Ares-Fenrir is more Fenrir than Ares after all.

I can't possibly make a list of all that went wrong with this drawing. It's been a while since I last drew, it was my very first drawing with color pencils AND "invented" drawing (not just a copy of something), I had to erase Fenrir's head 5 times because it was ALWAYS too big, Solveig's hair were ALWAYS failed, Fenrir's nose was most of the time one meter long, and my cat walked on the sheet while I was sleeping. And, of course, I don't have any scanner big enough for a 24x32cm sheet, so I had to take a picture with a camera...

You can find another pic here, a bit more colorful.

I'm pretty sure I won't win with this drawing full of horrible mistakes, but still, it was fun and inspiring, and I just hope it will please her at least a little. ^^ (Let's pray for a writing contest, next time...)
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