Sailor Agni Picture

Voila! My fifth Sailor Protector, Sailor Agni. Named after the Hindu god of fire, since I couldn't find many female deities of fire in mythology. She's another Protector to Sailor Mars, just like Sailor Brigid, only she's a lot older, and is the chosen avatar of Mars herself (this part is explained in my page four of my Sailor Protectors bio).

Just like all my other Sailors, she is also another Pokemon character, Liza. Pokefans can remember her as the one who temporarily kept Ash's Charizard in the third Pokemon series, I think. Anyways, the main difference with her and my other Sailors is her uniform. Her uniform is based from her attire (red dress and skirt with black boots). The most prominent symbol is the fiery phoenix, but this isn't her main symbol. The Japanese kanji for fire is her main symbol, whereas the phoenix symbolizes her membership in the Pyrae cult. She also proudly bears the symbol of the Protector Order, a winged sword and shield.

In terms of weapons, hers are all fire-based. I originally thought of arming her with two pistol-sized flamethrowers capable of shooting Greek fire (an extremely intense and sticky flame that not even water could stop it). In the end, I chose to make her fighting prowess "natural"; by this I mean fighting with skill, instinct, her fire abilities, and old-style weapons. Her two main weapons I based from the Christian Bible and Hindu mythology. The spear on her back was based from the Spear of Longinus. As for the mandala-shaped decoration on her back, this is the main weapon of the god Agni himself: Agneyastra.

Agneyastra is a god-like weapon, similar to Zeus' thunderbolts. The word "astra" is Sanskrit for weapon, thus all the Hindu gods had their own astras that used their natural element as their power source and weapon. In the case of Agneyastra, it could burn entire armies with one flaming strike, rain fire down from the sky, etc. Liza here is more than honorable enough to bear such a mighty weapon.

I don't have a bio on her yet, but I will soon. Enjoy!
Bio on her is now available. Here's the link: [link]
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