Erebus Proteus Picture

Name: Erebus Proteus

Meaning: 'Nether Darkness' 'First' in Greek mythology

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (Looks to be 17-18 years old)

Species: Netherus (Closed species)

Appearance: He's tall and slender yet muscular. He has golden marking on his leg which he wasn't born with but gain as he grew. The lightning like markings on his hips, tail, are actually veins that can be seen and glows. Same goes with the ear but a different color. Eyes are bright orange with black in the white part of the eye. His tongue is gradient of red to orange and long and fork like, 2 ft long tongue to be exact. The tongue is used to extract food from type of animal they eat that hid them self in the shell. Saliva is glowing orange color. His hair color actually changes color to his mood or seasons, typically seasons. He has a raptor like dew claw on his feet.

Body build: Slender and tall.

Best ability: Speed and Stamina

Special ability: His saliva is poisonous but his blood is the cure.

Special ability 2: His blood is able to cure any known disease and disorders, including ridding of cancer.

Origins: Marius (Derived from the greek god of Mars (Basically the planet))

Trait: Omega

Personality: He is pretty relaxed, mellow, and curious. He isn't the type to have a temper but he sometimes does only when someone purposely tries to push him into being angry or one of his close friend is in danger. He does have a split personality, which his other self is sarcastic, mockery, and pretty much insults and hurt other around him. Also bit Sadistic and masochistic when he is in his 'bad' trait of his personality. Though the second personality usually comes out whenever Erebus is scared, endangered, or feeling hurt. He's pretty much kind, caring, and loving towards others, trying to make friends with many people he could make, hang out, and everything.

Clothing: He wears typical human clothing actually, usually hoody and jeans.

Private area: His dick cannot be seen, it's sheathed, so just shows a smooth skin. His balls shows when he is aroused. ( Dun have to read this bit)

Orientation: Bisexual

-Diomedes Proteus (Means 'Thought of Zues' in Greek)
-Phrixus Proteus (Means 'ripple, shiver' in Greek)

Alpha Father:
-Sokratis Proteus (Means 'whole, unwounded, safe.' in Greek ]

Omega Father:
-Adonis Proteus (Means 'Lord' in Greek)

History: He is the youngest of the family, he was born small (Can consider in his species the runt). Which his life became a struggle the first day he was born. He was born with his first marking, which concerned the elders if this child is cursed and should be an outcast. The elders took the child from Sokratis and brought up to the temple to confront the god of Mars. Seeking for answer for what to do with the child. The child barely made a cry or noise. Elders also noticed the colors are different, not the usual cold hues, like blues, violets, and etc. When gotten no answer from the god, the elders took the child and went to decapitate and locked away so the child wouldn't be seen. Then the god of Mars appeared, stopping them from hurting the child and punished the elder by three years of hard labor in the mines. The greek god took the child in as his own, raising the child till it's strong enough, but left a mark, which on his ears, which different colors from the marking that formed on his tail, and hip which the markings were veins but still a marking either way. The greek god returned the child to it's biological parent once the child was strong enough to able to live through years without illness or problems. Erebus did have one bad trait, which his split personality. He is the first child to be different color and just different from others, that his DNA somewhat mutated that developed split personality but nothing else, he's perfectly fine. Erebus ventured out of curiosity and found a rare stone in a different area of the planet, which he somehow teleported down to Earth, which confuses him greatly. He's been on Earth ever since (Semi-early age of the great dinosaurs, he's pretty old but unable to age, remains young forever).


Unique trait: His species has no females, they are males but they adapted by having adaptation of ability to bare children. Omegas and rarely betas usually bares the child. Alphas are dominant species that usually mate with omega or beta. Typically once mated, with them for life. Since they have inability to die of old age and rarely have any weakness unless keeping the head and body away from reattaching itself.

Death: Typically their society is decided by an elder (The original first of the species) decides to choice which gotten a good life and pass on. The ritual is praying their god, which during that single day of each year, the greek god of Mars descends down and take the choosen to be taken away and consider death. Where they go is a mystery but rumored to be paradise.

Colors: their colors are typically cold type colors, blues, violets, etc. It's extremely rare to get a warm color one since it's either a mutation or it suppose to be stillborn. Their eyes on the other hand changes any color along with their hair which changes to mood or seasons.

Offspring: Omegas and Betas (Sometimes beta) can usually bare up to three children, but typically one. Three being rare. Twins being semi-rare but mostly uncommon.

Mating seasons: late spring till mid-summer.

Animal representation: Lizard, bat, and shark.

Race: Greek type race.

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